A6 Memobottle A6 Silicone Bottle Sleeve Wild Plum

Add some flair to your day with the stylish protection of memobottle's Silicone Bottle Sleeve.

Sleek and durable, the Silicone Bottle Sleeve gives your water bottle an extra touch of sophistication as well as an additional layer of protection from the elements. The matte silicone will keep the little bumps and scrapes of everyday life from affecting your memobottle, while also adding a touch of thermal insulation to keep your drink at its ideal temperature for longer.

Designed specifically for the memobottle, this Sleeve is an elegant accessory that gives your drink bottle a whole new dimension.

Cover only; drink bottle not included.


  • Water bottle cover
  • Suits memobottle drink bottles only
  • Cover only; drink bottle not included
  • Made using silicone
  • Non-toxic; thermal insulation; drop protection
  • Designed in Australia