Bon Parfumeur - 802 Aquatic 30Ml

Contrast the rich tones of earth and water with the complex, sophisticated Eau de Parfum 802 Aquatic by Bon Parfumeur. Inspired by the life cycle of a flower, the 802 Aquatic Eau de Parfum opens with the fresh, vibrant green of a newly-budded peony, heavy with morning dew. Warmed by the heat of your body, the scent then blossoms to reveal the delicate floral notes that add creamy, powdery touches to produce a captivating dusky scent. With heady elements of rain, cottony musk and lotus, 802 Aquatic Eau de Parfum is a dynamic sensory experience which reveals its layers like a slowly-unfurling flower.

Top: Violet, Blackcurrant, Osmanthus

Middle: Freesia, Peony, Rose velvet

Base: Musk, Ambrette

Parisian Perfumer, Bon Parfumeur, was established in 2016. It offers a broad range of fragrances elaborated freely by passionate perfumers. Each Bon Parfumeur fragrance has a three-digit name. The initial number indicates the olfactive family of the perfume, among the ten proposed olfactive families.