Capra Designs Small Archie Pot Terrazzo Salt


Overall height: 18cm

Pot Height: 13cm
Pot Width: 13cm

Tray Height: 5cm
Tray Width: 13cm


Overall Size
Height: 12.5cm
Width: 10.5cm

Internal Pot Size
Height: 7.8cm
Diameter: 9.5cm


This gorgeous duo makes the perfect gift for others or yourself. 

Placing the Archie Planter and the Small Archie Planter together accentuates the signature arched profile.  These terrazzo planters are the key to the perfect vignette.

They are both beautiful and functional with the Archie Planter having a built in water tray and the Small Archie Planter coming equiped with a plug to avoid leakage after watering. 

Designed in Australia. These planters are skilfully hand-made.