Clothes Doctor Eco Liquid Detergent 1L - Basil And Mandarin Leaf

Give your favourite outfits a radiant glow with the natural scent and effective cleaning power of Clothes Doctor's Basil and Mandarin Leaf Eco Liquid Detergent.

The perfect way to keep your whole wardrobe looking and feeling incredible, the Eco Liquid Detergent's versatile, plant-derived formulation helps shift stains even at low temperatures, and leaves a lingering note of mandarin zing and warm basil on your clothes after each wash.

Taking good care of your clothes means you get more wear out of them, which is good for both you and for the planet. Turning one-hit-wonder outfits into lifelong faves helps cut down on carbon emissions, water use and much more, so your wardrobe can be a force for good in the world with the help of Clothes Doctor.