Clothes Doctor Travel Set Mini Travel Washes

Looking for the perfect blissfulfragrance? For the right detergent that will leave clothes cleansed and renewed? Or just the perfect housewarmingpresent? Well, we've got you covered! We've packaged ourspecially crafted formulas in a cute miniature size to help you choose your favourite.

Perfect for travel, or just small loads, our mini gift set is the right dose to help find the perfect laundry match.

OurMiniature Set includes: No.3 for Cashmere and Wool to nourish and protect your knitwear, No. 4 for Silk and Delicates to cleanse, refresh and renew your most delicate garments, No.5 For Sportswear for your high-performance clothing and No.6 for Travel: the ideal refreshing powder detergent.