Subu Slipper - Red

Functionality and beauty come together in a previously unknown category of footwear - SUBU.

This iconic model of the SUBU family. Its streamlined, heelless design makes you ready to go outside in a matter of seconds, while the inventive 4-layer sole structure lets you experience an unexpected level of comfort.

  • Teflon coating on the upper fabric.
  • Raised inner fabric is especially comfortable.
  • 4-layered cushion insole.
  • Rubber sturdy sole.
  • Water resistant.
  • Comes with shoe pouch.

The idea was born in Japan “ a country where sandals are far more than just shoes. Theyre a centuries-old tradition.An inextricable part of a kimono outfit. The footwear of Buddhist monks on their spiritual journeys. And a symbol of freedom to go wherever you like.

SIZE 00 = EU 35-36

SIZE 0 = EU 37-38

SIZE 1 = EU 39-40

SIZE 2 = EU 41-42