Veja Small Esplar Laces Chromefree Leather Extra White - Matcha - Lavender

Fine Veja sneakers in white leather with a purple set with Veja standing in white on the heel. The shoes have a '' V '' logo in dusty green suede on both sides.

The wedge and toe tip of the Veja shoes are in vegan, faux suede and stand in contrast to the all white leather on the sides.

The shoes are tied over the ankle with laces and sit well on the foot. There is a fixed heel cap in the shoe, which ensures a good and comfortable fit and also helps to keep the foot up at a good angle. The outer sole is made of quality rubber and has a corrugated design that ensures a good foothold.

All kid's shoes from Veja are made with an even stronger, thicker and softer sole and with plenty of room for the toes.