BON PARFUMEUR Eau De Parfum Aquatic 801

Evoking an oceanfront breeze on a quaint Mediterranean island, Bon Parfumeur's Eau de Parfum Aquatic is fresh and invigorating, with a mix of bright, inviting scents that feel like a seaside getaway.

Opening with a fresh citrusy bouquet of Italian lemon, grapefruit and mandarin with a tempering touch of ivy, 801 Aquatic layers these bright scents over a bracing heart of sea spray and pink pepper mixed with earthy nutmeg and the verdant warmth of rosemary. At its base is a resolute mix of cedar and cypress, conjuring the Italian coast, all balanced by a smooth white musk note.

Top notes: Italian lemon, Mandarin, Ivy, Grapefruit
Heart notes: Rosemary, Pink pepper, Nutmeg, Sea Spray
Base notes: Cedar, Cypress, White musks