CK Mindfulness Candle Set 40 Min

The purpose of mindfulness meditation isn’t to achieve perfect control over your mind or stop thinking altogether. The intention should be to bring a more compassionate, calm and accepting approach to whatever happens.

The ritual itself is easy. Simply find a quiet place, relax by taking a few deep breaths and then sit with your eyes closed, letting your thoughts come and go while your candle burns.

This Mindfulness Ritual box with a set of 40-minute candles is great as an introduction to mindfulness meditation, or as a continuation of your journey to reduce stress, increase calmness & clarity, and promote happiness.

This Ritual set includes:
• 5 x hand-dipped Haze candles (burn time 40 minutes each)
• Solid brass candle stand, handmade in Japan
• A brief introduction to Mindfulness with a step-by-step guide to get started
• Gift box

Our Haze candles and brass candle holders are handmade in Japan by artisan candlemakers. The candles are made from haze tree wax; a botanical wax derived from the fruits of the Japanese Hazenoki tree.