Clothes Doctor Cashmere & Wool Care Kit

Give your delicate natural fibres the tender loving care they demand with Clothes Doctor's exquisite Cashmere & Wool Care Kit. Combining a specially-formulated, gentle wash with a comb to keep things neat and natural fragrance bags to protect your precious garments, this Kit has everything you need to give your wardrobe a new lease on life.

Featuring a gentle, pH-neutral formula, the No. 3 Cashmere & Wool Eco Wash treats your delicate knitwear with care, helping to keep your natural fibres looking their best and feeling delightfully soft to the touch. With essential oils derived from Himalayan cedarwood and orange in its formulation, this Eco Wash leaves your clothes with an incredible fragrance that will delight you and deter moths, ensuring an even longer life for you favourite knits, jumper and cardigans.

Made from sustainably-sourced red cedarwood, this humble Comb is a simple and satisfying way to keep your knitwear feeling its best. Pilling is a fact of life, especially for more delicate fibres like cashmere and wool, but the Red Cedarwood Comb helps to keep it at bay with a gentle action so your fine fabrics stay smooth and supple.

Presented in a 100% cotton drawstring pouch, the No. 22 Natural Fragrance Bag is full of natural ingredients like sustainably-sourced Yorkshire lavender, patchouli, lemongrass and eucalyptus. These aromatic elements don't just create a beautiful atmosphere in your wardrobe and a delightful scent that lingers on your clothes; they also help to deter outfit-endangering moths without the need for harsh chemicals.

Used together, this powerful combo protects your most delightful, delicate fabrics, keeping them looking and feeling incredible so you can enjoy wearing them for longer.