Wusthof Perfect Match Knife Set Of 2

Wusthof is a brand recognized worldwide and is well known for their exceptional range of knives and kitchen accessories. Over 200 years of masterful crafting has resulted in products that emanate outstanding calibre and performance.

-Forged from one piece of specially tempered high carbon steel to ensure outstanding strength.
-Excellent ergonomics.
-Perfectly balanced for effortless cutting.
-Seamless hygienic fit of the handle.
-Synthetic handle, full tang handle.
-Exceptionally sharp.

The WUSTHOF Classic Ikon knife set consists of a cream colored office knife (16 cm) and a black chef’s knife (20 cm). The knives have a blade of blade steel with a length of 20 cm. The plastic handle is riveted to the continuous sting of the knife with 3 rivets. You use the knife set for cutting meat, fish and vegetables.

4596/20    Classic Ikon Cook’s Knife Black 20cm

4596-0/16 Classic Ikon Cook’s Knife Creme 16cm