ROCC Whitening Minerals with Fluoride Toothpaste

Brush your way to a Hollywood smile, naturally.

A natural toothpaste with fluoride + whitening minerals that actually whitens teeth. Formulated with high-strength whitening ingredients that are gentle on your mouth, this teeth whitening toothpaste naturally buffs and brightens your smile.

With Fluoride for enamel protection, and Pink Himalayan Salt, an effective detoxifier with 84 added earth minerals for stronger teeth and whole mouth health, along with Calcium Carbonate, a mineral derived from the earth, used as a polish to gently clean teeth. Lauryl Glucoside, a plant based gentle surfactant helps to remove debris. Coconut Oil helps to prevent bad breath and tooth decay. Because we know you're into that kinda stuff.

  • Formulated with scientific research
  • Naturally fresher breath
  • For healthy gums
  • Protects tooth enamel
  • Mouth microbiome-friendly
  • Kind on sensitive teeth

Our toothpaste tubes are biodegradable.