Sabatier Professtional L'expertise Scissors

About this item

  • QUALITY AND STRENGTH: These super wide, super strong 9cm long blades are made from commercial high grade superior quality stainless steel and make short work of any cutting task.

  • MULTI-USE: These are truly a multifunction, all-purpose chopping tool, whether you are cutting string, cloth, dress making, crafting paper, snipping herbs, chopping chicken bones/meat, preparing vegetables or arranging flowers. These handy snips have the strength and length to tackle any job. They are easy clean and dishwasher safe.

  • EASY USE: We don’t want you to get blisters while preparing your culinary or floral masterpiece. These Taylors Eye Witness scissors won’t let you down, we have caringly added a soft rim into each handle to aid you in your work. This feature also gives you extra control in tight corner situations.

  • AMBIDEXTROUS?: We aren’t either, that’s why we’ve made these scissors equal at both sides, making them ideal if you are right or left handed.