Wusthof U Farmer Tool Basket - Green/Wood Knife Block

Wusthof Urban Farmer Tool Basket Green Knife Block

Also part of the URBAN FARMER Farmer series is the decorative Tool Basket made from beech wood and stainless steel.

This beautiful garden toolbox is not just an ideal form of storage; the knives of the series can also be transported effortlessly.

Tool Basket with space for up to 4 knives.

Urban Farmer combines the natural beauty of rustic crafting tools with the high-tech precision of knives made with the latest materials and techniques.

Made from sustainably grown and thermo treated beech wood, the handle is extremely robust and water-resistant.

Combined with the non-slip bolster, it provides a secure grip.

Perfectly suited for harvesting and gardening.

Quality – Made in Germany / Solingen.